REACH is an Instrumental Jazz Fusion group based out of Memphis, Tennessee that formed in the Fall of 2011. REACH strives to push the boundaries of musical development while still maintaining the ability to relate to people and to overall just have a good time. While the main direction leans more towards Jazz Fusion, they do not restrict themselves to other styles of music. The band has influences that range over many genres, such as Funk, Latin, Reggae, Rock, and Blues, which is clear in their playing. These influences along with each members musical background are key contributions to the "REACH sound".

"REACH: An artistic blend of past, present and future from a musical composition standpoint. Creatively powerful and enriching."  
- Jahleel Eli; Cinematic Composer


"What the Headhunters were to jazz fusion in the 1970's, REACH is today -- an innovative group of virtuosos who never let their considerable chops get in the way of a stone cold groove or memorable hook."  
- William Lee Ellis

The genesis Album

The beginning of great things to come, get your copy of the band's debut album and witness the dawn of something special as things come to fruition with REACH. Click album below to buy via iTunes or buy the physical album straight from our site.

"Genesis is definitely worth sitting and digesting all the way through. It is a well chosen collection of songs that is well recorded and masterfully executed...I'm proud to say that the future of jazz is in good hands."

- Victor Wooten