Alex Morgan is an original founding member of the band and, although away from the line-up at the moment due to family and location, an integral piece of the band's vision, creative process, and development. "I love my REACH brothers, and I live my dream every time I get to play with them. Praise God." - Alex.


From Akron, Ohio, Alex Morgan has always loved music of all types and, as a student of his craft, strives to not let himself be defined by one genre in particular. "Jazz, pop, old school funk, rock, worship music, it all has value and I like to glean from it all. If a melody is good, then genre doesn’t matter," he states. Alex is hugely influenced by the likes of Greg Howe, Jeff Beck, Victor Wooten, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Matthews Band, and more -- all of which are evident in his playing and sound. Alex is the embodiment of work ethic as he constantly pushes himself to higher levels of musicianship.